Edit Completion Date for a Merit Badge in Scoutbook

Is there a way to edit/change a saved and fully earned Merit Badge’s completion date?

In this question the Scoutbook record for the completed Merit Badge is saved with a data entry error such that the date on the blue card from the councilor does not match the date of the saved Scoutbook record (example; date on card is 7/6/2020 but the scoutbook record was entered 6/7/2020 due to an adult’s data entry error).

I have many badges in this situation, not just one, and I am told that for an Eagle review miss-matching of blue card dates to Scoutbook date is disqualifying to the applicant even if due to a data entry error. I am not comfortable deleting and re-adding for each data entry error. Any way for me to apply the change?

Thank you in advance!

  • One other item, is the Eagle review board strict and sensitive to date matching of Blue Cards to Scoutbook data entry? If so, seems unfair to the scout who is reliant on adults to make data entry accurate on their behalf; if this date match is sensitive, then these fields should be editable. Would love to know the process.

A screenshot (without names) might help clarify what you’re asking about. Are we talking about the date listed as the date the overall badge was “Completed”, or about the audit dates when the badge was marked Counselor Approved and/or Leader Approved?

@TimothyGifford - I have personally never had an EBoR group nor council examine the blue cards. The completed dates have always been sufficient.

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Screen shot of the “Date Completed”. I would like to know how to edit this date field. Not for this specific record, just an example per the request.

Go into the MB with the wrong date.
Click on Completed.
Clear the Awarded and Leader Approved check boxes (if set) and click SAVE
Click on Completed.
Enter the correct date, set Awarded and Leader Approved if they were previously set and click SAVE.

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Sometimes you have to remove the “Leader Approved” and “Awarded” checkboxes first, then click “Save”. Then you can go back in and remove the date completed.

Thank you so much, edavignon!

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