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Completion Date for Merit Badges

I’m having an issue when marking merit badges as completed. I’ve noticed that when changing the date for a badge to its “completed date”, when hitting save, it is marking it as the date that it is being entered. So if I change the date to 7/26/2019, but I’m entering it on 7/29/2019, It’s showing the badge completed on the 29th.
Any insight would be appreciated.

Are you trying to change the date for a merit badge that was already marked as Approved? If so, then you might need to unApprove it, first.

The requirements were marked as approved, but not the badge.

Actually, I have a badge that had all the requirements marked as completed without approval and then when the badge was marked as completed, it used the entered date for the badge, not the date that it was changed to. So no approval was entered for the badge, requirements or badge.


There are 4 dates recorded with a Merit Badge. The actual completion date (in large type) then the date the requirement was marked complete, marked approved and marked awarded. Only the actual completion date can be changed. The others are set automatically when the state changes as they are audit data.

The date on the right (highlighted in yellow here) is the date of completion.

The other part (Marked Completed on [date] by [name]) is auditing data, so that units know who last changed it and when.


That’s the date that I’m trying to change. It keeps changing to the date that it is “marked as complete”. Not the actual completed date.

Which merit badge? So far I am not able to reproduce what you are seeing.

@EricLight I have a little time to do a screenshare to get an understanding of your issue if you want

Exactly, that is the date that will not change and is defaulting to the date that it is being recorded. Not sure what the glitch is.

What is the name of the merit badge?

I’m not at a computer at the moment.


Are some screenshots




See how the date changed to today when trying to update the completed date?

Fingerprinting. But it’s doing it for most of the badges I entered two days ago.

OK I took a guess at it but it was no good - What operating systems and browsers are you seeing this?

@EricLight are the MBs at 100% and you are adding a date? or are you just forcing completion?

@EricLight OK I have reproduced this - but do not understand it - I will report to developers

Let me ask this - I see in the second photo you were using the quickfill feature where you click a requirement and the date appears where you can enter it for all - is that how you did them all?

Badges are complete. But that shouldn’t matter. I’ve worked with several badges that had no requirements marked that recorded fine.

The browser is chrome…operating system Windows

I’m also seeing where the badge requirements are marked completed and some a grayed out due to “choose two”. The percent complete that is shown will not be 100% even though everything is filled in. Have you seen that?

yeah there are a few like that

funny little :bug: bug - now I will try to find out how to change the date for you in this situation