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Scoutbook ; Cannot add or invite new MB counselor to the scout, Limitation of adults connections?

Dear sir/madam,

I try to invite a counselor for a scout, it can be done previously, I tried to add a new MBC but when I search for the MBC, the Merit Badge Counselor option out of the 4 (adult leader, parent …) is in blur which I cannot add anyone as the MBC. I can add another one who is already connected but not a new one. How to solve this problem?

Is there any limitations of Adults connections with the scout?

Thank you very much!
Jan 14, 2022

@KittyTam - could perhaps post a screen shot of the issue ? I would ask for an actual screenshot and not a phone picture.

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The person needs to be registered as a MBC to show up in Scoutbook as a MBC to connect to a Scout.


Dear William,
Not sure if you got my reply by email, I just would like to post the screen shot to you here as for your further investigation,

Kindly check and advise please.

Jan 17, 2022

@KittyTam - that is the search window. That looks like always has looked. If you get search results does the MBC line become active?

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Hi Stephen,
the point is even I can search for the MBC, in the 4 roles below, I cannot tick the merit badge counselor role since it is in blur and I cannot add the adult as MBC.

The MBC connection type ungreys if you successfully search for a registered MBC.

got it! Thank you very much!

problem solved. thank you, the only thing is cannot send the invitation to the counselor, stated the reason that the counselor does not input the email address, so what can we do so as to let them approve and get connected?

Your scout should talk to the MBC. I suspect they don’t use scoutbook, and they’ll have to use physical blue cards.

If those MBCs just use the bluecard and not the scoutbook, who can help to fill up the information same as on the bluecard into the scoutbook? so in the scoutbook information should be with all updated records? Can parent help to update the records? but then it cannot be linked to the correct MBC in the scoutbook, would there be any problem?

Upon completion of the MB, your scout should see their scoutmaster and turn in the troop portion of the blue card. Then, someone in the troop will enter it and/or mark it leader approved.

@KittyTam - what ultimately matters is the final completion date.

I see, the leader approved means the advancement leader, or the key 3, or the 3 delegates? Since we have read the announcement made in the BSA earlier that if the MB is not connected to the approved MBC, then the MB may be removed, but if they can’t connect then the MBC will not be assigned correctly and only approved by the leaders, would that meet the BSA requirement in the scoutbook.com records?

also in the MBs, there needs initial unit leader signature, if our SM does not use scoutbook, can parent mark this initial signature date?

@KittyTam - where was it announced that MB would be removed if no MBC connected? That would make no sense as there are units that only use IA or just let council enter the advancement report. The advancement chair could enter the final date just the same as rank and approve.

Now how do you know the MBC does not have an email in the system and can’t be invited ?

  1. the announcement was made by the BSA stating that after July 12, 2021, all MBs should be connected to the approved MBC by the FEC. …

  2. We were advised that all dates including the completion date should be input by the parents or the scouts and then to be approved by the Advancement leaders or SM, would this should be fine too. I mean on the scoutbook.com, not on the physical blue cards, the blue cards will be marked by the MBCs as usual.

  3. When I send out the invite link, it bumped up to the screen that the counselor does not input email address, then in the connection status shows up as “Pending” .

@KittyTam - there was the announcement that only registered MBC would be in scoutbook and non registered MBC would be removed. This does not affect the scout merit badges. I have very few scouts connected to an MBC for their merit badges.

ok, May I know the reply on no. 2?

@KittyTam - it does not matter if the scout enters it or the parent or the unit itself. If the scout or parent then the unit has to approve just like rank. I suggest that you get a copy of the guide to advancement and read through the sections that apply to your unit type.

I understand and thank you very much Stephen!