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I stumbled across this ability to create a category for our Pack here on the Scouting forums, and I’d like clarification on the visibility of posts in that category. Will posts only be visible to our pack members with Scoutbook accounts? I’m brainstorming uses for this forum and I’m wondering if it is a good alternative to posting “private” content on our website (e.g., leader names and contacts, detailed pack schedule with times and locations). Right now those things are on our website on a password-protected page. But if families with a Scoutbook login (which they should already have) can access that information here without having to know another password for our pack website, I see this as a win.

@JordanNoret - one important consideration is that you have zero control over who is listed as members of the forum for the pack. You can look at that list now and I can bet that there are people listed who are no longer associated with the unit. Nor can you add folks.

Unit forums have never worked correctly is the simplest answer

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Wow, this is disappointing. So it is not synced with Scoutbook? What a total miss on the potential for this forum…

So I see we have about 30 of our members in the Discourse group. So some Scoutbook accounts came over (maybe all?). Maybe I’ve missed it in the documentation or FAQs somewhere, but what is the best practice to get families/leaders logged in here?

Another question - how are members removed from our Discourse group? Does the system clean up the groups on a regular basis (annual?) or are members always going to be in the group once they are in it?

I’m planning to take over as pack committee chair this summer so I’m exploring all our tech options for communication. I’ve used Discourse on other sites before and am excited that BSA adopted it for their forum software. It is a really great system if set up correctly.

Memberships in forum for units has never been as automatic as National hoped it would be, and with little to no adoption when it was better when launched there is no good ROI for any more development time on it

@JordanNoret - there is no way that i can spot to remove folks from the unit forum’s

From what I can tell, new members do automatically gain access, but there is no way to remove them (manually or automatically).

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