Notify all unit members of a Unit Forum post

How do I notify the unit of a new post in the unit forum? My understanding is that if I just post it, it will only be seen by those who visit the forum—which is nobody. How can I ensure that everyone is notified?

There currently is no automated process to do this that I have found. I suppose you could send them a link to the forum post.

However, since the forums have never worked very well (e.g. inconsistent addition/removal of members to match current roster), I have given up on them (at least for the moment). Even on the old Scoutbook unit forums (which worked somewhat better, at least for me), we had pretty marginal participation at the best of times.

You cannot notify - Notifications are controlled by the end user - just like for these forums

So tagging users does nothing?

If they have notifications off I would think no - not sure if @here works? on this thread it isolates to this threaad

But here is the real truth - We cannot get families to read sent emails - why would they log into a new forum?

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@JSyler - and beyond that there is no management of who is on the unit forum. Our unit forums have members who have not been involved in years.

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I doubt they’ve been on to turn notifications off.

Fair. I just thought it was a better venue than an email to announce (and possibly discuss) the new camping rules.

I miss the old Yahoo Groups, where you could send forum posts to everyone, and they could reply by email.

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Okay,but it does seem to add new people, so…

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