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It would be nice to receive email notifications when a parent post questions or comments under events, or anywhere SB allows parents to post. I just found a comment from a parent that was posted 7 days ago, and noticed it because I was checking some info in one of our pack events. Thank you!

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If you’re talking about your unit forum, that’s already supported. You can set the notifications for any forum, or even any individual thread.

  • Watching means you get an email for every post.
  • Tracking means the thread shows up in your list of tracked threads when you log into the forums.
  • Watch first post means you get an email any time someone starts a new thread in the forum.
  • Muted means you never get notices about a thread.
  • Normal means none of these are applied.

Steve, I don’t know where to find unit forums in Scoutbook. By the way, I have all dens forums activated and I don’t see any forum for each den either.

What I mean, for example, when I go to an event in the calendar, and you scroll down, there is a box where parents can post comments. There is nothing there where you can set to follow, tracking, etc. The same with requirements, parents can make notes, post pics, etc under requirements, but there is nothing where you can get a notification.

I am not so sure I need a notification email for every fool thing that gets posted on Advancement, calendar and forum. But at any rate your unit forum if enabled will be found by going to the main forum list here.

Den forums are no longer supported. New unit forums were only created for units that had activity in their legacy unit forums since Nov 2017. There is an option under the gear icon in Internet Advancement 2 to create new unit forums. This option has not been fully tested so we can’t say if it is working properly. Once you create the unit forum you will find it at the top of your forum list in Discourse.

I wouldn’t want a notification for every update, either. That’s why I like the granularity the new forums offer… If I start a new thread, I can set it to “watch” or “track”, so I see when replies come in. I can set the whole forum to “watch first message” so I know if someone started a new thread. I can mute threads of no interest to me…

Stephen, sometimes parents ask questions on Events. I don’t see why not to receive a notification when they post a question.

This has been requested in the past. The BSA has announced plans to replace the calendar. I wouldn’t expect any updates to this until after that happens.

Thank you Jacob for giving me more accurate information of what I am asking.