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Converting Approved Status to Awarded in Internet Advancement

I understand the difference between the two, but would like to convert from approved to awarded at the time the scout actually gets the badge.
Do I need to enter the entire badge in once more with the new date? I cannot seem to edit them…
Thank you.

@YolandaBujarski - you would mark them as awarded in scoutbook.scouting.org which will feed to IA2

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Adding on to @Stephen_Hornak 's post:

The easiest way is to use Scoutbook’s Needs Awarding Report.

your main troop page → Troop Reports → Needs Awarding Report

Thank you…so I’ve logged in there, but don’t see how to do this -
Can I update ones that have been awarded in the past? I would like to clear it so everything is current. Thank you!

Yes, you can clear out everything that is currently shown as Approved but no Awarded by using the Needs Awarding report as described by @JenniferOlinger.

It’s important to remember that there is no “undo” function, so make sure that whatever you mark as awarded has actually been distributed to the scouts in question.

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@YolandaBujarski - and this

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