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Converting "Approved" awards to, "Presented" Awards

How do I easily and quickly update all the Scouts who have “approved” awards to “Presented” status in the New Internet Advancement site? I approve all the Scouts awards prior to the COH in order to generate the report I need to purchase the actual awards, and then want to go back and update them to, “Presented”, after they receive the awards at the COH. This is my first time using the new Internet Advancement.

Internet advancement does not have a way to set the awarded status.

This is a problem. Badges/Ranks that have been approved but not marked “awarded” continue to show up in the advancement report permanently. How do we permanently remove them or mark them as awarded?

Don’t you create a new advancement report?

For me, they keep showing up on every advancement report! It’s frustrating because I need to manually remove them every month!

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