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1 Scouts merit badge and rank Not moving to awarded

I have one Scout that has rank and one merit badge that will not move to awarded what do I have to do to force the awarded star to show (internet advancement)

Awarded is a Scoutbook term and has not been implemented in Internet Advancement yet

@DonovanMcNeil - Why not? I have the same problem. Some Ranks, Awards and Merit Badges show Awarded and others show Approved. So ‘Awarded’ is already there - ‘implemented’ as you say. What gives? I need to mark some of those things Awarded. How do I do that? Thanks, Tony

Internet Advancement and Scoutbook share the same database. When the Scoutbook database was populated from ScoutNET there were rules used to set the awarded flag (I believe it was anything earned more than 6 months before the import).

Since legacy Internet Advancement did not have a concept of Awarded, Internet Advancement 2.0 did not get the ability to set the awarded flag.

If you want to mark awards that you have presented to the Scouts as awarded, you need to log in to Scoutbook, go to My Dashboard -> Reports -> Needs Awarding select your unit then click Select All or select the awards that have been given to the Scouts. After the awards are selected, scroll to the bottom and click Mark as Awarded.

The fix is going to scoutbooks fixing it then it shows correct in advancements. Unfortunately sometimes tech support gets so caught up on one term they can not help. True Story play around till you can help yourself figure it out.

I opened Reports, then Needs Awarding. Nothing shows up; not even a unit to choose. I tried IE, Chrome and FireFox. Here is an attempt to post screenshots for you to see what I see:

Your screenshot is from the new Internet Advancement ( To get to what @edavignon is talking about, you have to log in to the Scoutbook web interface (

Our Troop does not use Scoutbook and is not moving over to Scoutbook, so how do we get it to show that ranks and merit badges have been awarded. I also have one scout showing as life but has earned and been awarded the rank of Eagle. How do I fix this?
Thank you

Hi, @BarbaraLaird-Pierson, IA2 does not have a mechanism to mark things as Awarded.

At least in Scoutbook, the Eagle rank approval comes from council, rather than from the units. I assume that, since IA2 uses the same back-end database, the approval mechanism is the same.

The Eagle advancement was complete for one Scout when it transferred to this system but the other scout who earned Eagle at about the same time did not. We do not use scout book so even though rank and merit badges have been awarded in this internet advancement it will never show as awarded?

That is my understanding, at least for the time being. There have been other requests to add “Awarded” as a settable-status in IA2, but it is at best in the backlog. If you want to change the status on something that doesn’t appear to have been awarded, I understand from responses in other threads that someone with the appropriate permissions can log into, navigate to the appropriate scout (or the Needs Awarding report) and mark it as awarded. Marking (or not marking) something as Awarded does not impact its status in the database regarding credit.

Regarding the Eagle advancement not showing as Leader Approved for one of the scouts, how long ago are we talking about? It took over a month after their respective Boards of Review for the Eagle Scout rank to appear as BSA Administrator Leader Approved for two of our latest Eagles. For some of those who earned the rank earlier, the BSA Administrator approval didn’t appear for over 4 months. I’m not sure what the lag was, since they had received their congratulatory letters and authorization to purchase their Eagle badges/swag long before that “approval” appeared in Scoutbook.

I would reach out to my council advancement committee (or the council’s Eagle Specialist/Coordinator, if you have one) to see what status they see for that scout’s rank. If it’s showing up correctly in their system but is not showing as awarded, I would probably ask them to look into why it might be getting delayed.

If they see something different than you do, send an email to with all the details. Then post the post number back here. It’ll be in the subject of the a reply email and begins with SSD.