Cooking Merit Badge Questions

A general question for clarification. I have a scout that is working on the Cooking merit badge. Requirement 5, Camp Cooking, states cooking outdoors. From the wording of the individual requirements camping does not need to take place only cooking outside. Is that an an acceptable understanding of the requirement? The counselor thinks that it should have to involve some form of camping.

That is up to the MBC - you can ask your Council for opinions

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@DonovanMcNeil is correct. Part of the reason you’re getting pointed back to the council is not because folks here are unhelpful, but because the BSA has specifically directed that these forums are now exclusively for official BSA software-related questions. All program related questions are to be directed to your council. An ill-conceived policy in my opinion, but since they operate the forums, they get to set the rules.

If your council doesn’t want to address those questions from all and sundry, you could consider asking them to request that the BSA reinstate the program-related forums, and provide official reviewers (with corrections where necessary) if they are concerned about accuracy of the responses.

I would also suggest reviewing the Guide to Advancement, which is available from the BSA’s website.

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@AaronMason1 - if you are the MBC i suggest finding other counselors to discuss this with

I am the cooking merit badge counselor. During COVID, I allowed the scouts to complete the camp cooking requirements at home using the outdoor cooking methods for their family members because some scouts needed to earn this merit badge for the Eagle rank.

My take on signing off this requirement would be:

  1. Outdoor
  2. Cook for a group of youth (since it’s not easy to accommodate someone who is not your family member, and the menus need to be followed the MyPlate guideline)