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NOA Camping bug

I was entering info for a Scout who is almost done with the NOA Camping Segment. She just needs to finish up her conversation with her MBC on her trail & home cooking requirements for the Cooking Merit Badge and she will be done.

The Cooking Merit Badge currently shows at 82% for that badge in the NOA Camping Award on Scoutbook.

When I entered the date for completely the camping nights (req. 4), the award suddenly showed as complete.

This is what shows, when I tried to uncheck the Cooking Merit Badge, I got the error as shown.

Not sure why Scoutbook is showing req. 3 complete when 3a clearly is at 82% instead of complete.

For clarity, I looked at this award for another Scout as well. It looks like the code may be telling the award that 1 of the 3 options for Req. 3 fulfills the requirement instead of 2 of the 3 options. The other Scout has not begun the Cooking Merit Badge, but has finished First Aid and also has Requirement 3 auto-completed.

Yes, I think your bug is similar to the one that was reported about 10 days ago. We have reported it to the developers. Hopefully, they will be able to fix it soon.

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