COR has left the organization and cant be reached

Our COR has gone MIA and we need to update them to the new organization rep…how do we do this if the current COR cant be reached?


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This is best handled by your council.

My take: paper app for the new COR signed by Chartering Org Institutional Head. They are the “one up” above the COR and can sign anything a COR signs. New COR takes YPT if they haven’t yet. Sign background check form.

Do this now, before the last minute for recharter. Get this to your registrar. Hit refresh on the recharter screen. They should now be there. Drop the old one.

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I believe the new COR is already in the system, but communication has been extremely slow. Seems like it should be a straight forward process if they are already in. Ill pass this on to our committee chair. Thanks for the quick reply!

Yes, if current YPT, it should be easy. I think it still requires a “paper app” as the head of the CO won’t have access to the system for electronic apps even if they are allowed in your state/council.

@justinmaddox - I believe the new COR (if never an adult voluleer in Scouting) is entered council/national database(s) first so fees can be collected.

If your unit cannot get a status response from the council registration staff, contact your district executive.

How the adult application form questions are answered can trigger an additional review by the Scout Executive.

Councils in some locations have additional civil government-imposed background check and youth protected related requirements. (e.g. in California).