Can't add COR to recharter

Our Pack’s Executive Officer is also our COR, but I can’t add him to the recharter application. His ID is 13779286. Is there a way to add him without going through a paper application since he is also the COR for our Troop? Help is greatly appreciated!

No he needs an App - the XO has not gone through a CBC so an app is needed - and XO does not need YPT

He’s currently the COR for the Troop under the same chartered organization and has been for several years. Still need a new paper app?

yes that is what I understand - talk to council @JeremyBlevins

A phone call to your council registrar may solve this, as the person is already registered.

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@JeremyBlevins - then should also as required be the COR of all of the units in that charter organization

Chartered Organization Representative - Troop Leader Resources(COR,Committee%20and%20the%20Local%20Council.

Chartered organizations that operate more than one unit (e.g., pack, troop, crew, and ship) must register the same individual as the chartered
organization representative (CR) for all units chartered to that organization, because the CR serves as a voting member of the district committee
and the council. The executive officer (IH) must also be the same person for all units chartered to that organization.

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