Adding back a previous member

Our Charter Organizational Rep could not recharter last year due to not being able to update YPT so we had to assign to another. This year he is back but I cannot find him in our roster, not even under removed members or searches, even though he said he just updated his YPT. Does he have to resubmit an application to be added back in?

same issues cannot add scout that was prior in the PACK

It sounds like the situation is somewhat complicated, but I wanted to start by asking for a bit of clarification. When you say “in our roster” are you looking at the official roster at Who is listed there as COR? Or are you only looking at the recharter roster?

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I’m starting the recharter process so I guess I’m just under “recharter” tab. Can I search for him another way?

If you are a Key 3 (CM/SM,CC,COR) or Key 3 Delegate, you should be able to view the current official roster in under the left side menu → your unit → Roster, then filter by Key 3. That should show you your current COR and their BSA ID.

Matching whatever BSA ID is on that roster against what’s on COR’s account under which they retook YPT should help in diagnosing whether or not there’s a mismatch there (and which BSA ID you should be using).

If they did not recharter then the membership expires


That’s what I was wondering. So, their history disappears and can no longer be brought back in without another application?

Yes I am Comm Chair. Our current listed Rep will not be Rep again this recharter. I cannot find our old Rep in our roster in myscouting I guess since he did not recharter last year. So, I need to submit a new application for him and get a new ID? I don’t know how that works with his YPT…it’s renewed every 2 years, correct? He should be in the system if he’s up to date.

Maybe there is a confustion there and I’ll have to get with him and his login credentials to see. Thank you!

Yes Memberships expire if not on a Recharter - so new applications are required for Youth or Adult


Any time that an adult stops being on your roster as a registered scouter, you generally need a new application. However, make sure that you include the returning COR’s existing BSA ID (which they can get from their account) on the application so that the Registrar doesn’t generate a new BSA ID again.

ETA: Also, try to make sure that the name, birthdate and email address all match whatever is in as well. Again, that will reduce the chances of a duplicate account being created.


If you have the last recharter report when they listed you can use that bsa ID on the new application.