Who can sign for COR's Adult Application


We have a new COR that we need to submit her Adult Application and supplement documents prior to rechartering. On her Adult Application (old school PDF format), our Pack Committee Chair will sign for the “Signature of Scout executive or designee.” However, we’re uncertain who should and can sign for “Signature of chartered organization head or representative?” Can it also be one of our “Key Three?”

Thanks in advance!

The institution head is the only one that can approve the COR. The “Signature of Scout executive or designee” does not apply. That is for district or council positions. Notice that above that it says “Approval for council and district adults” If you’re mid-recharter and your institution head (also called executive officer) is changing, it should be the institution head in effect when your application is processed.

The standard online application process only works for available positions, so it must be a paper application as well or done with the recharter process.


Who, if anyone, approves Institutional head?

The charter organization appoints their Institutional head in the manner they see fit.

They do not submit an app in the same way that most adult leaders do since they are not technically a registered leader. When you change your institutional head you are supposed to submit this via the new unit application.

Actually went through this a couple of times this year. We used an adult app for one and just left out all of the detailed information. They don’t need CBC, YPT, social, references, etc… That is why it is easier to just use the New Unit Application and just fill in the executive officer section.

The institution head signs the charter agreement, so since the district executive is another signer of that document, I’d argue that’s the spot where the council has some approval authority. If the council wasn’t okay with that institution head, they can choose not to make that agreement.
Ideally, I think that institution head is the same institution head used for state business filings or there are minutes of the organization the delegates authority to make agreements for the organization to the individual used as the institution head, but none of that is a formal requirement.

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Yes. The new term (reflected on the form) is Executive Officer. So it syncs up better with state and other organizational documents.

In my experience, there is no validation of the IH/XO. I’ve seen people list themself for one reason or another when they aren’t even actively involved in the CO.

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This reply applies to continuing chartered organizations. The BSA procedures for changing forming new chartered organizations my be different. Contact your district executive is this is the stitutation you are in.

Registration Guidebook

Per page 25 of the July 2019 registration guidebook written for council professional and para-professional staff:

Adult Application Approval

Unit Adults. The chartered organization representative is approved by the head of the chartered organization. All other adult leader applications must be accepted and approved by the head of the chartered organization or the chartered organization representative. The Scout executive or designee must approve all adults who answer “yes” to any Additional Information question on the adult application.

Adult Application

APPROVALS FOR UNIT ADULTS: I have reviewed this application and the responses to any questions answered “Yes,” and have made any follow-up inquiries necessary to be satisfied that the applicant possesses the moral, educational, and emotional qualities to be an adult leader in the BSA.

Signature of chartered organization head or representative




The simple answer is “No”.

I believe a new unit application is not used unless you are creating a new unit or are changing your chartered organization.

Steps to be taken when COR changes

I am assuming your chartered organization is not changing. I believe the three steps that need to be completed are as follows. Only step 1 is required to register the new COR.

  1. New chartered organization representative (COR) files a new Adult Application with position code CR, blank unit type and number, signed by the organization head,
  2. Chartered organizaton files a new chartered organization agreement. signed by chartered organization head and representative.
  3. Unit files a revised Annual Council Unit Registration Agreement.


Step 1 forms

Step 2 form

  • Boy Scouts of America. The Annnual Charter Agreement Between: _____ and the ____ Council, BSA. 2014 Printing ed. Irving, Tex.: Boy Scouts of America Inc., 2014. PDF. https://filestore.scouting.org/filestore/pdf/524-182WB.pdf.
    • Required signatures: Charter Organization (with title), Local BSA Council (with title), Charter Organization Representative (with title)
  • Boy Scouts of America. The Annnual Unit Charter Agreement Between: _____ and the ____ Council, BSA. Updated January 2021 ed. Irving, Tex.: Boy Scouts of America Inc., 2021. PDF. https://filestore.scouting.org/filestore/membership/pdf/524-182_web.pdf. Note: The content of this form is the chartered organization agreement with “unit” added to the title and “unit committee chair” added as a signature in error.
    • Required signatures: Charter Organization, Charter Organization Representative, Unit Committee Chair, Local BSA Council

Step 3 form


@Bill_W, what you listed as Step 2 forms and Step 3 are mutually exclusive. The charter agreement is used for a chartered unit. The unit registration agreement is used for the new hopefully temporary situations where a charter organization quit chartering a unit (Catholic and United Methodist predominately) and no other charter organization has been secured. It’s only one form to update the COR: the adult application signed by the IH. It’s only one form to update the IH: traditionally the new unit application or more recently I’ve been told the adult application can be used for that. In either case, it’s really just an information update since there’s no real stipulations on who the IH is.



If your council is following the national model the IH is required to be entered in the national database when the new chartered organiztion is formed and verifed when the annual organization charter (not annual unit registration) is renewed,

I never stated that step 2 and 3 needed to be completed to register a new COR. I will try to clarify that.

Councils may differ on when step 2 and 3 need to done. I suggest checking with you council’s VP for membership or district executive.

A past council member-at-large and membership comittee member.

Thanks everyone for their suggestions - very helpful. We’ll have the Head of Schools sign for our new COR, who is our institutional head.

A couple notes based on conversations with our council:

  1. Registration of Institutional head: If they are just your liaison between the school and the unit, then no they do not need to be registered with BSA. However, if they participate in other activities with the kids outside of the school then yes they would need to be registered.

  2. The Charter Agreement is no longer needed with Internet Rechartering.

Please let me know if the above two notes is wrong.

Charter Agreement is still needed. It just isn’t collected in the Internet Rechartering process. I think we’re starting to see the first steps of separating individual renewal from unit renewal. Internet Rechartering is moreso renew these individuals and these individuals are in this unit. And the charter agreement is the agreement to still have the unit. Depending on a unit’s situation, they may be using the council registered path instead of the chartering path, but the council registered path is meant only as a stop-gap until some of the charter partner issues and likely bankruptcy are resolved.

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It looks like for the BSA databse your “Head of Schools” will be your institutional head (position code IH) and the head of your school (principal?) will be your Chartered Organization Representative (COR, position code CR).

The IH is not a “registered member” of BSA. However for legal reasons BSA needs to have information about your IH and sponsering organization. Historically this information has been collected at a meeting between BSA and the IH before and when the organiztion (not unit) charter is signed. COVID 19 restrictions may have put a restriction on in-person meetings.


You need to contact your local council for what they require. There are legal requirements that can vary by state (and local community requirements) related to:

  • registration of adult volunteer members
  • periodic background checks
  • training requirements (and periodic renewal of some training courses)
  • use or non-use of digital signatures

I do not know which charter agreement you are referring to. Historically BSA has two: