Scoutbook must be correlated within different requirements. Por example, “Position of responsibility” must be filled when the leadership information is completed; “Complete service” must be filled as the different services projects are added on the scout record and complete the required hours. Also, the camping nights must correlate to the Camping merit badge. This incompatibility entails additional record work. Please, work towards it.

There are valid reasons to force scouter interaction in order to generate rank (or other) requirement credit for activities undertaken, frequently of a form similar to "…approved by your < scouter role here > ". My understanding is that this is a design intent issue, not a failure to code issue.


Properly crediting POR, Camping or Service hours to ranks or other awards is extremely difficult. This is a job better suited to a human which is why these are not automatically credited in Scoutbook.

I suspect to do it correctly would require some sort of AI which the BSA has neither the money nor expertise to implement.

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The previous private program TroopMaster had the ability to make the correlation on point.

@EstherVillarino_Tur - that is troopmaster and absolute automation is not always the best thing.


Scoutbook is not Troopmaster and I suspect Troopmaster did not get all of the corner cases correct.


@edavignon - I can attest to that being the case for troopmaster and packmaster

Scoutbook was intentionally designed not to give automatic credit for various reasons. For example: there is more to the service hours requirements than just participating in X hours of service that are approved by the Scoutmaster. Most also have a “tell” or “explain” requirement in addition to the service hours.

There are also situations where certain things cannot be double counted. For example: the World Conservation Award (Scouts BSA) says: “Requirements for this award must be completed in addition to any similar requirements completed for rank.”


@EstherVillarino_Tur - and intentionally designed to NOT be like Troop/Packmaster for very obvious reasons.

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