Camping Nights Not Syncing

I gave a scout credit for attending a campout in Scoutbook, with recording a star by their names. When I go to the scouts activity log, the campout does not show up when Internet Advancement opens.

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Also the calendar events are not synced to Internet Advancement, we are having to manually add the events to Internet Advancement “Activities”

The nights and the activities do not sync. We create a new event in the camping nights tracking and use the stars to “credit” the scouts with the nights.

to clarify - youre adding the activity first in internet advancement and then the attendance star credits the nights to each individual scout in scoutbook? what happens if scouts only attend one night?

@DeniseGuerra1 - there is no sync in either direction between the scoutbook calendar and the activity logs. The activity logs get entered in our unit after the end, and at point we can use the advanced tab to specify exact attendance

Sorry, this is all manual. Our troop has 12 Scouts, so we would get word out if someone only attended one night.

We manually credit the nights based on the stars. Sorry to get anyone’s hope or confusion going.

It is our manual work process.

Scribe takes attendance, advancement coordinator makes a manual entry for nights based on the stars, treasurer makes a manual entry for cost to the payment logs based on the stars.

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It doesn’t quite work automatically, in my experience.

Past process:
Step 1: Create the event in the activity logs with the number of nights.
Step 2: Hold the event and take attendance in Scoutbook (i.e. the attendance stars).
Step 3: Use the attendance stars (plus any additional info like whether or not a scout left early) to add the scouts to the pre-created event in the activity logs.

Current process:
Merge Step 1 into Step 3, since we were getting inconsistent behavior of being able to add scouts to existing activities in the IA2 logs. So, create the event and log the scouts’ participation in the activity logs all at once.

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I agree that this sould be done. It does not take much to sync Scoutbook events and the database on Internet Advancement. At some point my hope is that Internet Advancement goes away and Scoutbook is the only app but I do not hold much hope for that.

@DonaldHohman - IA is not going away as there are units that do not and will not use scoutbook, so a method of advancement and log reporting will be needed.

On the Cub side at least Scoutbook used to have activity reporting.

They chose to not sync with the existing system and replaced it. So yes, they could have two systems that sync. It was a conscious choice not to.

The new UI is better, the new process not so much.

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