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Can you add Auto-Credit of Participation, Service Project Hours, Position of Responsibility, etc.? It makes data tracking quick and ensures accuracy. We should only need to input the Service Project log, the start and completion dates for Leadership. Let the program automatically place the requirement completion date for each rank. We should be able to review the Scouts requirements and see the hours or days remaining. Right now there is too much manual calculations and causes inaccurate records.

There’s been a great deal of discussion of this topic in various threads. One thing to keep in mind is that at present scouts and parents can edit the logs, and there’s no leader review required (per se) of that content before it hits the logs. In addition, many requirements are more than just “did something occur”, but rather include more interactive review (e.g. service project approved by scoutmaster, serve actively in a position of responsibility). I suggest looking for the previous threads on this topic for more detailed discussion on both sides of the debate.

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Autocredit is not possible for many requirements. For example, the service requirement for First Class says “Explain how your service to others relates to the Scout Law.” There is no way to know the Scout fulfilled this part of the requirement by looking at the service log. A discussion needs to be held with an individual the Scoutmaster has authorized to sign off this requirement.

I contend it is the Scout’s responsibility to determine when he/she has enough service hours, campouts, hikes, etc. to fulfill a requirement. A leader should not be telling the Scout the requirement has been completed.

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Here are my thoughts on this:

  1. Auto credit will likely never happen because many requirements have other criteria such as a discussion or not being allowed to double dip. There is a messy web of sometimes overlapping, sometimes not, requirements. The logic would be ridiculously complex.
  2. The developers are working on updated logs. I would not expect any updates to the current logs.
  3. There may still be ways to make it easier on users, but it will be tough to build consensus around something that won’t incorrectly imply completion of a requirement while still being useful.

I understand not allowing it to auto-credit, because of the reasons mentioned above, but how about some way to flag it as used, so it can’t be double-dipped? For instance, a way to flag a camping log as used for a specific requirement so it’s not also counted toward another achievement? That might be handy.

Until then, I guess we’ll just have to make a note in the comment.

I think the only problem there could be that some things are allowed to be counted multiple times (e.g. camping nights for rank can also count toward Camping MB), whereas others (e.g. cooking for rank vs Cooking for Cooking MB) can not.

Unfortunately, the easiest way I’ve come up with to do this is what you’ve described: add comments in the events or requirements that indicate how the requirement has been credited. I try to do the same thing when I sign-off handbooks, although I’m far from perfect in either case.

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