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Scoutbook Service Hours

Service hours logged for my unit participants are not automatically populating the appropriate rank requirements. What do I need to do to make this happen?

(I am just entering their service hours as they report them to me into their individual service hours option under advancement and expected that to then roll up to the applicable rank.)

That does not happen in Scoutbook - there are so many places for them to roll (rank/MBs/Adventures/Awards) we allow users to determine where to put their own hours.

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This is not an acceptable answer. TroopMaster does this, and the primary need is to auto-update rank requirements. This is crucial functionality and I’d hope that it’s at the top of the Enhancements list. If necessary, there could be a flag on Service Log records, “Apply to Rank advancement”, Yes/No. Then so be it.

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It is more complicated than it seems. For one thing, the service project(s) used for First Class 9d. cannot be the same as the ones used for Tenderfoot 7b. and Second Class 8e. Also, most of the service hour requirements have a “tell” or “explain” part of the requirement - simply participating in the service hours is not enough. In addition, the World Conservation Award for Scouts in troops must be “completed in addition to any similar requirements completed for rank”, so it should be up to the Scout to decide where to apply the service hours (towards the rank or towards the WCA). These are just some examples.

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@DavidSavage - it is in reality only critical functionality because that vendor made it so. All service projects, camping logs, hiking logs should involve a conversation between the scout and unit leader, scout and merit badge counselor.


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