Council can't assign merit badge counselor

My council is attempting to add me as a Merit Badge Counselor for my district for the Communications merit badge but were unsuccessful in doing so. My BSA ID number is 132858243 and my Scoutbook user ID is 696659. I also have an additional member ID listed in of 12186741. I am registered with Pack 3736 and Troop 736.

Please advise what steps either I or my council need to take to reflect in the system that I am approved for the Communications merit badge. Thank you.
Jennifer Snyder

@JenSnyder736 your council should easily be able to do it - they should know the steps. If they do not; they have contacts to learn them.

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My council was unable to do so and informed me to contact your area. Can you please let me know where to direct them so they can learn how to do this?

My Area? This is all Volunteers? They need to contact Membercare.

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The first thing they need to do is register you as a Merit Badge Counselor using their Registrar tools. After they do that, they need to wait for a position sync to happen (usually overnight but can sometimes take 24-48 hours).

After that, they can assign merit badges to you in Scoutbook.

@JenniferOlinger or @DonovanMcNeil probably would have mentioned it if it was germane, but just in case: You mentioned that you have two BSA IDs, one in Scoutbook and another one at my.scouting. Are both of those managed in the same my.scouting account (i.e. so that they act like they are the same person), or is only one of those IDs present at my.scouting?

Your registrar will also want to avoid creating yet another BSA ID for you when they register you as a MBC, so be sure to include your currently-registered BSA ID on the new adult application/MBC application paperwork.

This second BSA member ID number is deleted.

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