Scoutbook says MB counselor I chose cannot do any of my scouts badges

I have two counselors that I have a name, an email and phone number for from my scoutmaster. They are legitimate counselors. I know them both personally and know they have a Scoutbook account. When I add my son’s merit badge and then choose to invite the counselor and select MB Counselor it says
“This Merit Badge Counselor cannot approve any merit badges this Scout is working on.” I have done this same procedure for several other counselors with no issues. What is happening here? Both have resubmitted their counselor forms and been approved again for this year.

If you’re a leader in the unit, try the newly-added “search by name” feature in the MB Counselor search tool on the troop page (My Dashboard → Administration → My Units → Troop #### → MB Counselor List
Omit the ZIP Code and set the availability to Any. That should tell you if the Scoutbook database thinks the MBC is approved for that badge. I suspect it doesn’t, based on the error it’s throwing, but that wouldn’t be the first mistake I’ve made today. :^)

If they appear on the list for that badge, make sure that the email address matches the one they see in their Scoutbook account. I had a similar problem some time back, and it turned out that the MBC unintentionally had two accounts, each with a different email address. If everything matches up, though, it might be a bug coming from another issue.

Make sure to add the merit badge they want to start in the Scout’s advancement page


I am not a leader in the unit, only a parent. I did add his merit badge. Actually, I deleted it and added it again, no luck.

I wasn’t aware that non-leader parents could connect a scout to a MBC. I thought that was a leader-only function. I understand that MBCs with the correct information could connect themselves, with appropriate approvals on the back-end, but I’ve never tried it that way.

I would have one of the adult leaders in the troop verify that Scoutbook is listing the MBC as counseling this particular MB. If not, the counselor needs to contact the council and have them add the badge to their registration.

If the badge appears on the counselor’s list in Scoutbook, then there may be another bug manifesting here.

Ok, thank you. I will try that.

His leader gave us the counselor name to look up so we could invite them. That is how it has worked for me. I am a leader in a Cub Scout den, but I don’t have any administration for my son that is a Boy Scout.

I sent an invite to a counselor and they responded that the link did not work. I deleted them and added them again and the link didn’t work again. Any ideas?

@KyleeDiestelkamp I sent you a private message.

With all due regard to the original poster, a Cub Scout den leader, they report that the Scoutmaster had given them all the necessary information for the Scout to contact the merit badge counselor directly. Hopefully the Scoutmaster also issued the Scout a signed blue card. That is consistent with the Guide to Advancement (

In Scoutbook the administration of who, what and with whom is reserved to the Scoutmaster; and if delegated, to the Troop Advancement Coordinator. If the Scout is eventually linked to the counselor, requirement completion recording will be controlled by that counselor. The rest of the folks just get to watch. If not, on completion of the requirements the Scout presents the blue card to the Scoutmaster for recording.

The reported difficulty is not a bug. It’s how the advancement system works.

Actually, it should, if delegated, be delegated to an ASM per the guide to advancement, not the advancement coordinator. “ However, in circumstances when this may be impractical—for example, in large units or when the unit leader may be absent—the unit leader may delegate authority to sign cards and conduct the discussions. This authority should be entrusted to a knowledgeable assistant unit leader.”

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And Scoutbook does not limit the connecting of a MBC to a Scout to the Scoutmaster. Any leader with Edit Profile or Full Control, the Scout’s parent or the MBC can make the MBC connection to the Scout.


I agree with you. My friend who lives across the state from us chose me to be his son’s counselor and all he had to do was invite me as his counselor and I said yes by using the invitation link. Then I counseled him completely on his badge and was able to send him a digit online card.

Since I have had this positive scoutbook counselor situation I was hoping to do the same for my son. Obviously, I am having difficulties and don’t know how to fix it.

Matt.Johnson, good catch. I conflated the Scoutmaster’s responsibilities with the recordkeeping at the end.

From edavignon’s post below it appears that in Scoutbook anyone with necessary system control authorizations can initiate the merit badge process. Perhaps there will be revised language to The Scout, the Blue Card, and the Unit Leader reflecting Scoutbook’s capabilities.

@EricAugustine - one thing to note is that not every unit uses scoutbook nor do all counselors and units that do use scoutbook do so in their own way. The connection of the MBC to scout should be the post conversation stage in the process, but the Guide to Advancement does say the a scout can start a merit badge at any time.


I am the Committee Chairman. We do not have an Advancement Coordinator. I am having the same problem as the original poster. Do I need to have Advancement Coordinator status?

I made some changes, log off and on again. If you are still having issues, let us know exactly what you are trying to do and what error you are receiving.

I actually pulled the counselor up. The particular MB is not listed. THAT is my issue. Thank you for helping me to figure out.

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An ASM - with no additional permissions - can also accomplish this in Scoutbook.

Hi Kylee.
It is likely that the MBC has not been entered into SB with all the MBs they cover.
The process is:

  1. MBC gives application, MB list & current YPT certificate to District Chair (either Advancement or Training depending on who’s handling the MBCs in your district).
  2. The MBC is “approved/verified” by the district (some district chairs will interview the MBC others will just accept the application)
  3. The District Chair submits the list to Council who then enters the MBCs and their MBs into SB. (MBC status is “active” usually within 48 hours.

Any adult with “Full Control” can connect a counselor to a scout.

  1. Open MB under scout’s Advancement
  2. Add Connection (if you don’t know of a MBC for the particular MB, you can search the MBC list located under the Troop Roster)
  3. The MBC receives email from SB to accept invitation. (if this process doesn’t work, the MBC can connect to the scout with the scouts name, DOB & Membership #)

A MBC should check the MBs they are “approved” for in scoutbook. If their list is missing any MBs (or want to remove any MBs), they can contact their Council SB help desk to correct any issues. (48 hour for MBCs account to update).