Council Merit Badge and Requirements Import - Processing for over 10 hours

I am using the new Council Merit Badge and Requirements Import feature and running a test with just 21 rows. The upload was successful:

|Upload Date:|Jul 25, 2022|
| — | — |
|Council Admin:|Michael Trelease|
|File Name:|504_mbrequirements.csv|
|Row Count:|21|
|Rows w/ errors:|0|
|Row that can be processed:|21|

We have finished validating your file. Please review the Summary Report above. If you want to make changes to your file click the Cancel button below. Press the Process button to submit your list to Scoutbook.

However, the process function has been running for over 10 hours with the same status:
We are now processing your file. After we finish a confirmation will appear. We will email you once processing is complete. You can close your browser and return later or stay on this page to watch the progress.

Updating MB Percent Complete Row 1 of 1…

How long should that take?

It doesn’t take that long: let me have prod ops look into this. Chances are a background process needs to be restarted. Once it is, your file will process.

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Hi William. Just checking in to see if you had a chance to check with the ops team. Thanks for your help!

Yes, they said it was fixed yesterday. Are you saying your still in the queue for processing? If so, would you cancel the job on your end and resubmit? Let me know the progress.

@MikeTrelease I sent you a private message. Click on your icon in the upper right and then the envelope.

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Mike, I heard back again this morning. The developers said that there is an issue with a file that was uploaded that causes the final processing to stop. Then other files get stuck behind it. They are working on a solution. I will status you as I know. I would like you to send me your file anyway so I can check if there is anything obviously wrong with it.


Thanks Bill. I sent the two files I’ve tried. Here s a screen shot of where I’m at currently.


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