MB Counselor update hung, not progressing

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I am my Council Admin for Scoutbook. 18 hours ago, I tried uploading 6 new merit badge counselors, to assign their badges. The upload said I was 3rd in the queue. Two hours later, I was 2nd in the queue. It’s now been 18 hours total, and I’m STILL 2nd in the queue. Something is stuck or hung on the back end. I’ve never seen it take more than 30 minutes, and even that is rare. I’d really like to see if someone could look into this soon. Thanks

@GanttEdmiston yes Developers are already looking into this

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Thank you so much! Thank you so much! (is this at least 20 chars?)

@GanttEdmiston the 20 characters is why I almost always start with @name

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Me too. Been 3rd in queue for several hours.

Just a status: Chances are this won’t be cleared until Sunday night when the developers return.

For me it started 2 days ago with the upload field being grayed out. That was still a problem last night, but this morning i could upload but with this stall. Don’t know if the problems are related.

This should be working now.

It is working - I just, 10 minutes back - logged in to check and I was first in the queue.
I was waiting for me to click Process. When I did it completed.

What was the root cause?

And does this queue “hang” when users have to manually click Process?

Thanks Bill.

Good Scouting —> Gantt

Gantt Edmiston

  1. The job was hung, may have been because of a server OS upgrade which was backed out. The process had to be restarted. Should not happen again.

  2. There are two queues, one is the validation process and the other is the Process one. When you finish validation, you are taken out of the validation queue. When you click process you enter the second queue. So you are not holding anyone up between validation and process.

Working, but now has the message from week or so ago: Error has occurred try again later. However on checking, the Process was good; no error.

I sent you a direct message about this. Click on your icon in the upper right and then the envelope.

This has been reported to the developers. For now, ignore the message…

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