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Council MBC data will not process after upload

I am my Council 421 Scoutbook admin. Every month I upload our Council merit badge council data to Scoutbook. Last night, I uploaded this month’s file 421_mbc.csv and unlike previous months, it just sat there, saying I was first in the queue. This AM, the process had failed. I tried again this morning, and it’s still sitting there.

I’ve sent a note to - but I’m curious if any other Council admins have see this same issue. Thanks

UPDATE: I was contacted by the SUAC group, and I sent them a copy of my data file.
The response back was that my file had “blank lines” and that I was to remove the blank lines and try again. I checked my file, and could not find any blank lines. Regardless, I attempted the upload for the 3rd time, and this time, it processed as expected. Miracle cure. Still, I’m very grateful and appreciative of the quick response by the SUAC team and the developers. This is resolved. For now.

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