Council Merit Badge Counselor Listing gives no results

So I went to run a report on my council’s MBC using → Organization Manager → Reports → Council Merit Badge Counselor Listing

In the past I’ve run this and gotten the info. However now, I’m getting nothing. Just nothing comes back/returns.

That said,

  1. I know I’m a MBC at least
  2. I can run the MB Counselor List report out of Scoutbook and get MBCs in my area
  3. I can run a similar report using Roster Builder Manager out of Scoutbook showing MBCs in my troop

So, curious.


I am pretty sure you have to be in a council committee or district committee position to access this report.

@WilliamNelson Units also used to be able to access it.

I forget which positions (K3) or roles (K3D, Unit Advancement Chair)?

I am unit key-3 delegate and I had pulled this report in the past

I am asking development. I should hear something back tomorrow.

I just re-ran this report and it is back up and live. Thanks!

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