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Merit Badges supported by each MBC not in council report

Council challenge: A “Council Merit Badge Counselors Listing” report is “empty”. Anyone have any idea why the report would be blank?

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So it turns out that it works for me. I don’t know if the council staff were not patient enough or if something changed as a result of my posts here.

At any rate, the report works. I’ll create a new topic for all the issues with this report.

Glad to see it is now available to you as a council key-3 delegate.

BSA IT does not monitor these forums. The proper route for reporting technical problems is via a technical report filed by the council staff (I assume still via JIRA). BSA IT does not have the staff or time to respond to all councils.

It takes time for changes to be made by BSA IT.

The schedule for moving data between systems and this case a new application may have been irregular and different.

No longer an issue for this council.

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