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Counsel Merit Badge List

I am one of three Council admins for Scoutbook. I had a fellow admin (new guy) run an update last night and he only loaded an individual Counselor instead of adding the new leader to the existing list and reloading. Is there a way to get a copy of the list before the upload, and possibly a copy from before 1 March update as well?

Scoutbook does not retain past file uploads. Your Council should have a record of the MBs for each MBC from which you can recreate the upload file.

Uploading a bad file is one reason we recommend recording MBs in ScoutNET. When MBs are listed in ScoutNET, no one needs to upload a file to Scoutbook. The Member Update process automatically manages the merit badge counselors based on what is in ScoutNET.


Thank you for the information. Unfortunately our Council office is severely backlogged and unable at this time to make any updates to Scoutnet. I was able to find a file that had previously been used to make updates and perform an upload. I found out that the registrations for all of my MBCs had not been updated and therefore Scoutbook removed them. Now I get to redo all of it over anyways.

Andrew Blackwell.

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