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Error updating Merit Badge Counselors on council upload

This weekend, my council (Garden State) uploaded an MBC list for the first time. I am a designated Council admin and performed the upload myself. I was also listed on my troop’s roster as MBC, with availability selected to the district level. I did two uploads in the same day because of an error in one MBC’s list of approved badges.
My troop MBC position was ended correctly by the upload process, but then I had two council MBC positions, both starting on the same day with no end date. One entry has the correct set of merit badges from the upload, but the second has no merit badges. I manually ended the second record by setting the end date to the date of the upload.
In the correct record, the three merit badges show up in grey, unchangeable as expected. When I try to change my listing preference from Council to worldwide, I get an error stating " Merit Badges: Please select at least one merit badge you are registered for." If I close that error message and select Update a second time, I get an error stating " Listing Preference: The Worldwide option is only available to council approved merit badge counselors. Please contact your council service center for more details." Changing my selection back to Council listing, and clicking Update, I then get sent to the Whoops page.
I have multiple counselors who are working online with dozens to hundreds of Scouts. Please help!

p.s. - I’m the person that will get questions routed to the council service center… already dealing with data correlation errors between our council records in Scoutnet and what our already listed counselors on Scoutbook thought was approved. Really need this to work correctly so we can concentrate on other matters.

I will do some testing later today and get back to you.

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Just my supposition here. There was a problem with the council upload ending and restarting a counselors status. I think the first upload was superseded by the second one and no longer reads as valid. You can see my first bug report here


Possibly. Hard to tell without seeing what’s happening on the back end. Hopeful that Ed can replicate.

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