Printing Blue Cards - Can Scout print card?

Due to COVID-19 our troop is doing virtual meetings and our chartered organization has closed their facilities so we cannot access our Scout hut or hold in-person meetings.

Several of our Scouts are taking merit badge classes being offered at our Council camps on weekends but they require the Scout to bring a signed Blue Card to the class. They accept a Blue Card printed via Scoutbook. We are trying to figure out an easy way to get them the physical card.

Once the unit has started the merit badge and a unit leader has signed it, is there anyway the Scout (or a parent) can print out the Blue Card. One of my parents has tried but while they get the Print Blue Card option, this is what they see:

It doesn’t actually give them a print option. Is this intentional or a bug? If it is intentional, it would be very helpful if a Scout were able to print Blue Cards for merit badges that have been approved by the unit leader. Right now, because the Scout can’t print the Blue Card, a leader has to create the .pdf plain paper card, then email the .pdf to the Scout. We are a large unit and quite a few of our Scouts are taking these classes, so it is taking up a fair amount of time.

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This is an oversight - I will report it

I’m not sure what’s going on with the interface, but I would likely just print to PDF, then email the PDF to the scout/parent.

it looks to me like the Scout is not even seeing themself

I am doing that but we are a larger troop and it would be a lot easier if the Scout could print the card.

The Scout’s parent should be able to print Blue Cards too. As Donovan said, we have requested this be fixed.

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Thank you very much. I’m sorry that I have been the one dropping a bunch of bugs on the SUAC on a Friday afternoon and evening.


If you select either the Personal Management MB, it opens the print window.
If you select the “Completed and Uncompleted Badges”, more badges are listed and you can print blank cards that way.

Hi, first time here but I’m having the same problem. I’m the admin and advancement and every option I run, nothing ever happens (zero records). We only started actively using ScoutBook in 2020, as we finally moved off TroopMaster. But all scout data is in ScoutBook. Appreciate any advice, if I’m doing something wrong.


Make sure the start and end dates on the Print Blue Card screen are correct. As a test, please clear both dates and select Complete & incomplete MBs then click filter. You should see all of the MBs appear.

Any one know why I cannot print a blue card with any of the missing or complete requirements on it? like there are no requirements on the page at all

if I recall right it is to save paper - If the MB has a date - that says it is all done

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I think some MBs have more requirements than the space, so many would span two pages / two cards and thus would need to be kept together.

but it is not printing anything at all in that area - so if that is right what the is the point of printing a blue card?
the merit badge is only a partial and will not print either the completed requirements or the incomplete requirements in the requirement area of the blue card

@ConstanceEdwards all complete reqs print in list (unless the whole MB is complete - then none print) - uncomplete do not print on blue card

It is just like any other blue card for a completed MB. It is given to the Scout, they give it to the SM, they sign it, and give the Scout their copy for posterity. Then they give a copy to advancement coordinator for the units records.

So, normally there is nothing in this area for completed badges.

ok so I think I am maybe not explaining well
I have a list of partial merit badges from camp that the completed requirements were signed off in scoutbook and I am trying to print the blue cards for the scouts so they can see what requirements are not complete from camp (partial blue card) but when I print the merit badge cards from scoutbook the requirment number/letter section is completely blank for the whole card

@ConstanceEdwards I can setup a screenshare to take a look if you want

yes please!
that would be great

@ConstanceEdwards I will send you a direct message > look at top right Avatar to find it > it will be a green dot with a number 1 > it will be a private message channel with select members of the Scoutbook User Advisory Council (SUAC)