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Printing Blue Cards - Can Scout print card?

Due to COVID-19 our troop is doing virtual meetings and our chartered organization has closed their facilities so we cannot access our Scout hut or hold in-person meetings.

Several of our Scouts are taking merit badge classes being offered at our Council camps on weekends but they require the Scout to bring a signed Blue Card to the class. They accept a Blue Card printed via Scoutbook. We are trying to figure out an easy way to get them the physical card.

Once the unit has started the merit badge and a unit leader has signed it, is there anyway the Scout (or a parent) can print out the Blue Card. One of my parents has tried but while they get the Print Blue Card option, this is what they see:

It doesn’t actually give them a print option. Is this intentional or a bug? If it is intentional, it would be very helpful if a Scout were able to print Blue Cards for merit badges that have been approved by the unit leader. Right now, because the Scout can’t print the Blue Card, a leader has to create the .pdf plain paper card, then email the .pdf to the Scout. We are a large unit and quite a few of our Scouts are taking these classes, so it is taking up a fair amount of time.

This is an oversight - I will report it

I’m not sure what’s going on with the interface, but I would likely just print to PDF, then email the PDF to the scout/parent.

it looks to me like the Scout is not even seeing themself

I am doing that but we are a larger troop and it would be a lot easier if the Scout could print the card.

The Scout’s parent should be able to print Blue Cards too. As Donovan said, we have requested this be fixed.

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Thank you very much. I’m sorry that I have been the one dropping a bunch of bugs on the SUAC on a Friday afternoon and evening.