Crew Committee Chair Cannot Enter Scout BSA Advancement

I have a Crew Committee Chair (117023688) who is not given the option to enter Scout BSA advancements in Scoutbook. His only option is to enter Venture advancements. I believe this is because the Scout (128327695) is only registered in the Crew and is no longer registered in a Troop. While checking this in the sandbox, it appeared Scouts BSA advancements were only available to Crew leadership if the Scout was dual registered in Scouts BSA and Crew. This seems like a bug since the Scout is still allowed to work on earning Eagle even if only registered in a Crew. The Crew leadership should be able to help the Scout by finding merit badge counselors and by entering Scout BSA advancements. Is this something the developers should address or is this as designed?

@CarolWeinrich go to the Scouts Edit Profile and turn on Scout BSA Advancement

Thank you. I will let the Crew Committee Chair know.

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