From Troop to Crew - unable to edit advancement

I have a Life scout who is in my crew and is about to apply for Eagle, however I cannot sign off on requirements as the Crew Advisor. There used to be a setting that could be toggled per this link (the scout used to be part of a troop as well, but hasn’t been active there for some time and will Eagle via the crew).


However that setting is no longer there. The scout’s profile goes to goes to a new page and I can’t find a similar setting.


Any help would be appreciated.

I thought that was under Edit Extended Information at the same location in Scoutbook, but it doesn’t appear to be there, either. Is this on the list of “missing features” yet, @SUAC?

@PaulHoeffer - it is in the extended info if you pick the scouts crew membership.

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Good catch, @Stephen_Hornak!

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Can you share a screenshot? I’m looking at his record under “Scout’s Info” and there is no “extended” that I see.

The sections are:

Personal Information
Address Information
Contact Information
Scouting Information
Additional Information

Nevermind - found it in Scoutbook here:

Thanks everyone!

Sigh - entered reply too soon. I’m still not able to approve any of his Eagle rank advancements. Is that because he is still registered with the troop and I’m not a troop admin?

Try Log out and back in - there should be a separate Scout BSA Advancement area

Screen Shot 2022-10-10 at 11.16.04 AM

Here is what I see now:


I then go to BSA Advancement. However I am not able to approve this advancement per screen grabs below:



Is this because he is still cross-listed in a troop that I’m not an admin of?


what are Scouts initials

@DonovanMcNeil Initials are W.H.

could be but there are several Williams

I only see 1 William in the crew

I was looking at connections - crew makes more sense

William is the only William in either Crew 4 or Troop 457. He joined the crew last year and has been active there ever since. He will not recharter with the troop fwiw so maybe break that connection now?

I will have the same situation with Kelly H as she will not re-charter with Troop 678 and will Eagle via the crew.

@PaulHoeffer try to reset your Crew Admin position - go to Roster > Click your name > Click admin > Click Update (it has to be this path).

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  1. Log in.
  2. Go to Crew 4
  3. Go to Roster
  4. Clicked my name
  5. Click on Crew Admin
  6. Click Update
  7. Click on Venturing Crew Advisor
  8. Click Update
  9. Log out
  10. Log in
  11. Go to William’s record
  12. Go to Scouts BSA Advancement
  13. Go to Eagle Scout
  14. Look at requirement 1

Unable to edit :frowning:

@PaulHoeffer - here is my input. I have a member of my crew (CC of the Crew) that is not a member of our troop… but rather one that I have no affiliation with but I can approve his troop advancement items if so inspired to do so.

@PaulHoeffer we could setup a screenshare to see or I can become admin to look around