Crew responsibilities and permissions?

As you know Crews are run by the older scouts and I would like to give them access to do things like manage payment logs. So far I have only found a calendar privilege that I was able to assign which gave them the ability to add calendar events.

Are there other responsibilities that I am missing? Please help!


Youth members, including Youth Participants are not able to access advancement or payment logs of other Scouts.

In Venturing, youth sit on boards of review for Discovery and Pathfinder ranks. The Crew President is specifically itemized as serving on said BORs. Surely there should be some permission inherently tied to the Venturing officer roles. The least of which would be Calendar and Activity logs. Venturing is a program that is run by the youth officers. The 21+ adults are simply advisors.


I did not miss any permissions. Youth, including youth participants, are not able to see records for other youth in any of the BSA’s online tools.

Youth can be given calendar editor permission but cannot edit activity logs.

I understand. Just lamenting that our tools do not align with the program, even in areas that would not run afoul of access to other youth info.

Additional youth access has been requested for all of the programs. We do not know when or if the developers will work on that.

It is a shame they can’t take advantage of Scoutbook. I guess they will have to dig up some of the old spreadsheets on the internet for tracking scout accounts and other things. Thanks for the update.


The youth could ask the adult advisors to deal with Scoutbook while the youth sign off the requirements in the books.

That is what is happening now as the youth don’t have access to many features in Scoutbook. This thread was asking for youth to be able to use the payment log features as that has been a very useful tool we are using in both the Pack and Troop.

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