Unable to access advancement from "Needs Approval" report

Any time someone tries to approve work I have done (I am 20) in my Venturing Crew from the “Needs Approval” report, it kicks them back to “My Dashboard” when they click my name.

My first suspicion is something with your memberships. Either you have a membership in another unit type that is conflicting or your crew membership is not approved in Scoutbook.

Crew membership is approved in Scoutbook, I’ve been with the Crew since its founding back a year ago and advancement tasks were approved back at the end of March successfully.

I also removed all links/leadership from our boy/girl troops that had auto-imported in from the Akela sync so I only have Crew membership and leadership showing. It did not resolve the issue.

I tried to do some more troubleshooting on my own to see if I could fix it. No luck.

I did find that despite not showing any membership in either troop, I was connected to all youth in the units still so I spent time unlinking from all 40 of them. Now the account shows nothing but the Crew and Crew connections. I also noticed when I try to generate an individual advancement report from an admin account, my name is not present. Additionally, I am in both the youth and adult columns in Connection Manager for the Crew and unable to modify about the half the connections for the youth column and adult row.

Oddly enough when you click to load the profile it loads everything properly there and allows you to view Venturing advancement, select requirements as completed, etc.

It seems that maybe either there is a value for my profile that I cannot see that makes the approver/individual reports think I am an adult and therefore not allowing me to appear and/or when the pages load they check for the existence of some flag and because I had adult leadership on the profile deems being able to access my information on those pages as invalid.

Now we cannot get anything approved to show under “Needs Purchasing” to put on the Purchase Order or “Needs Awarding”.

Make sure the awarded box is not checked on them

It is not. That was the first thing we checked.

@JonahMay1 are you an Adult Participant? Are you 18-20 yrs old? one of you posts made me wonder. I wonder if that could be an issue

@DonovanMcNeil Yes I am.

@JonahMay1 ok that is a big clue - please lay it out real clear - step by step - how you are set up in Scoutbook - youth and adult positions and the issues - 1, 2, 3

  1. Had Adult Participant in the Crew, and ASM for linker Boy/Girl troops all under the account. We couldn’t approve advancement, it would show me under “Needs Approval” but when you selected me Scoutbook would kick back to the dashboard. Removing all links to the troops including connections seemed to resolve that.

  2. Currently I only see Crew membership/leadership however all of my old Scouts BSA advancement is showing, even though the toggle is disabled. If you go into the linked troops you see the following even though it isn’t on my profile anywhere:
    Boy troop - showing as youth member with no leadership
    Girl troop - showing as and adult and Assistant Scoutmaster

Does that help at all?

so is this in the crew or the troop?

actually I gotta go - let me contact in Wednesday for a Screenshare

If this is any more helpful, there was a time in March where everything synced over from the Akela database and seemed to work as I’d imagine people would want dual membership to.

Going to my profile from the dashboard showed crew advancement with troop memberships/leadership. Going to my profile from the troops loaded the adult page with positions and youth when accessing from the Crew.

This is primarily in a Crew, it’s just that troop membership periodically seems to auto sync back in. Sometimes Crew advancement keeps working, some times it breaks.

So you turned 18 this calendar year? So that means you are likely still on the official roster and it sounds like Member Update at some point added you back to the troop as a youth. Gonna have to call a registrar on this one, as I would assume ScoutNET does not allow the same BSA# to be a youth and adult in same unit at same time.

I actually turned 18 about 2.5 years ago.

more interesting @JonahMay1 - I sent you a direct message - you will see it by avatar in top right corner

We had this happen to a person in our troop. He turned 18, joined a Venture Crew to stay active in the OA, and joined as an adult leader.