CS Outdoor Activity Award - requirements marked as completed do not appear on Needs Approval reports

Requirements marked off by parents/leaders for the Cub Scout Outdoor Activity Award do not appear on Needs Approval reports at the Den or Pack level.

This makes approving/tracking this award very difficult, especially when combined with the bug reported here: CS Outdoor Activity Award - doesn't get marked as completed due to Adventure not recording properly - #2 by MichaelTrotochaud

Daniel, what steps are the parents / leaders using? I am not able to reproduce this bug.

Is the Scout’s Membership approved (green shield with checkmark)?

Yes, he’s approved:

As to the steps used… I couldn’t say other than to assume his mother went in and checked the items as complete. She has checked off other items on awards/advancement before without issue.
Here is the award page with the details:

And here is the Needs Approval report for his Den showing there are no items to be approved, despite the green checkmarks on the award page:

Also of note: the Award for this Scout is not appearing on the Needs Awarding report… so it’s not as if his requirements are approved apparently.

Try going to the Scout’s Membership page. Sometimes a Scout looks like he or she is approved on the roster page, but is not on the Scout’s Membership page.

My only other idea is that the parent added some items via the Scouting mobile app, and maybe that has a bug.

Membership is fine.

I will check with the parent on if she used the app.

Are there other bugs of note if parents use the Scouting mobile app? If so, a list of those would be a helpful post to read.

Hmmm - that @2 you cannot approve and #3 also (but it self approves if all under it are approved) - cause both are unclickable self fill boxes - that with the % issue noted in another forum would keep this off the Needs Approval and Needs Purchasing - Noted and reported

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Requirements 3d, 3i and 3k look like they are not leader approved.

And that’s the problem, Pete, as they don’t show up on the Needs Approval report (Den or Pack) as I stated in my OP. Leader has no visibility to see that they need approving when the report they’re meant to work doesn’t have the items that need approving.

This has been reported to the developers.

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I’m having trouble reproducing this. How are you accessing the needs approval report?

Now I get it, Daniel. I’ve only been using ScoutBook a little more than two months.

I had a similar problem a few weeks ago, but it involved everything for one Scout. I went into the Scout’s profile and changed something (made it wrong), and after I saved the update, I was able to approve the items and go back and correct the profile.

I hope they can fix this for you.