CS Outdoor Activity Award

I did a search on this, and the issue has been reported a number of times over the last few years. On the Cub Scout Activity Award, requirement #2 is to complete a rank specific adventure. Though the adventure is completed, approved, and awarded, requirement #2 is still showing up as “Completed”. There is no way to change the “Completed” to an “Approved” and this keeps the Bear-level award at 88%.

In this particular instance, requirement #2 was completed prior to the other requirements.

We have one Scout where the leader manually updated the entire award as “Completed” and “Approved”. It has since been “Awarded”, but requirement #2 is still showing as “Completed”.

Part of the issue here is that leaders aren’t seeing that the award is actually done and doing the final review and approval. Scouts are potentially missing out on an award due to a system glitch.

Looking for any direction on how to make this function as it should.

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