Approved awards disappeared


I approved adventures on the cub scout side, went to “needs purchasing”, and they weren’t there. I went back to “needs approval” and they are not there either. Not in awarded and not even on their profile.

Is this a known issue or is this a one-off thing? Thanks!


Post the Scout’s BSA Member ID (no names) and missing award(s) and we will investigate.

Oh I wish I could’ve seen which awards they were! The den leader asked me to go in and approve them so I could print of the advancement report before I left work.

I’ll have to get with them first, sorry!

Try Export/Backup of advancement and see if they are there. With Excel or Google Sheets you can filter on the approve date to see if they are in the DB.

Look at the last Purchase order

or you marked approved and awarded - Ed’s solution would show that

No, it’s not showing up there either. None of the bear den is showing. I’ll have to ask the den leader for those numbers and awards.

That what I was thinking also, but there is nothing awards showing awarded as of today on 3 different scout profiles.

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