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Unapproving awards [NOA awards for Camping and Conservation]

SB completed and approved 2 NOAA segments on a Scout, using my name. I’m trying to undo it, but can’t. Please advise.

Were you using the Scouting mobile app?

No. I wasn’t using anything. I see the “completed” awards through SB, but can’t uncheck them.

It depends somewhat on what exactly is entered in the awards. Can you post a screenshot of the awards that are incorrectly showing as approved?

ETA: I tested this with the NOAA for riding, and it worked OK for me. I was able to uncheck the Leader Approval in the Percent Completed box, then saved. Then, went back in to Percent Completed, and removed the date, then saved again.


Are you a leader in the unit? Do you have an Edit Advancement or Full Control connection?

@JosephPilsl Are all of the underlying requirements marked as Completed and Approved? If so, the Scoutbook code will automatically mark the award as Completed and Approved overall.

If this is what is happening, then you need to unmark one of the individual requirements. I would recommend requirement 2 or 4.

No. Still needing a couple of items left.

Requirement 2 on Conservation “completes” the badge without Soil and Water marked. No spot to show Environmental Science, only Sustainability.
On camping, Pioneering not marked, but still showing complete without control to incomplete.

Could you post screen shots of each award? The missing Environmental Science MB bug has been reported.

I’m a Scoutmaster & Scoutbook System Admin for our troop. I had a similar experience with one of my scouts showing that he completed his NOAA Camping on 9/11/2018 (date he earned his Camping MB). He still needs to finish his Cooking MB though.

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