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CS Outdoor Activity Award - doesn't get marked as completed due to Adventure not recording properly

For all ranks of the Cub Scout Outdoor Activity Award, the system does not take the award to compete when all requirements are done.

This award has a specific Adventure for each rank that needs completing, and this is the trouble spot.

The system shows the rank Adventure as complete (when the Scout has completed it :slight_smile:), but the award still hangs at 84%/86%/89% (depending on rank). Workaround (of course) is just to mark the award as complete at the top level… but it should work without manual intervention.

I am experiencing the same issue. It is coming up with 83% complete. This is for a Tiger needing Backyard Jungle. Backyard Jungle is marked with the blue checkbox, but req. 2 shows it with green. Either way, it isn’t rolling up to show that the entire award is complete.

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One thing to try is updating one the non-adventure requirements for the award. That make refresh the percent complete.