Please add a way for scouts to track milles complete for each of the National Outdoor Awards

Please add a way to track each of the National Outdoor Awards miles, camping nights, riding and so on… for each of the scouts.

I have noticed that many of the scouts are missing awards because the NOAs take into account extra scouts activities such as scouts family camping, cub scouts and other activities that don’t count for the regular BSA MBs.


This is in the backlog - we do not know if or when BSA will address it

I was just discussing this with the Scoutmaster and Advancement Chair. I really hope they can get something added soon to track miles as this is very important to be able to track for some of the awards.

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All of the requirements of which I am aware exclusively refer to activities “under the auspices and standards” of the BSA (National Outdoor Awards Program | Boy Scouts of America).

Cub camping, hiking and service can already be tracked under the existing logs, and excluded from reports (if desired) based on the “Date Joined Scouts BSA”.

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I doubt this will be added any time soon. It would be best for Jambo 2023 activities to track outside of Scoutbook/Internet Advancement.

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Here is a spreadsheet that helps with tracking.

Not official and not in scoutbook but better than nothing.


Thank you for the information, I didn’t know.

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Interesting, why do think that it’s better to track thos eactivities seperatly?

I didn’t say it was better, I said I doubt this will get developer time in the foreseeable future. The developers have a lot of higher priority issues already on their plates.


For the conservation one I make a Scoutbook note on the award requirement for hours every time my scout does hours that count towards the award. He has a bunch of note pad entries since mostly they are just 1 hour, but that way I can see the running total without having to sort through the service log. I’m sure you could do the same for riding or on water time. It just takes a bit more effort.


Thank you, I have been doing the same for our troop. Our troop currently has 83 scouts and is time consumming. I was hopping there was an easier way so that the next person who takes over my duties can keep up with these awards.

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@KatherineBynum For conservation-related service hours, for the type of project, if you select: “Environmental/Conservation”, then you can run the Activity Log Report, and the conservation hours can be listed in a separate section.

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