Cub Scout Individual Records

This is an import tool that we need. AS both a Den Leader and Cubmaster, I want to see what a Scout is missing to complete an adventure.

I know BSA is working through tough times, but its the lack of substantive changes in Scoutbook, that my units go with a 3rd party for everything except reporting advancement (for now).

Per jenniferolinger:
The Individual Advancement Record (IAR) for Cub Scouts is not supported. However, the Cub Scout History Report is available.

@JeremyWatarz it is very simple to do - go to Report Builder > Select a Den > Select the appropriate rank Adventures and select Show Adventure Requirements

Screenshot 2020-01-10 11.05.20

@JeremyWatarz The Cub Scout Individual Advancement Record (IAR) does not show you the detailed information that you are looking for - it only shows which adventures have been completed and the date. It also does not show other rank requirements, such as the Cyber Chip or the parent pamphlet exercises.

For what you are looking for, we recommend that you use Scoutbook’s Report Builder, as @DonovanMcNeil suggested.

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