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Individual Advancement record

While running this report for a couple of my Tigers, I noticed that Cyber Chip is missing from the required adventures section. It does show up on the Cub Scout history report.!

How did you access that report? That is an official BSA report that was never updated for the latest program updates. I thought we had completely removed it and replaced it with the Cub Scout history report.

Scout -> Advancement. It is between the required adventures and electives. I can view the History report as well, I was just looking for current rank.

Ah, I see it. Have you tried using report builder? You can create something very similar.

I have, this report just looks “cleaner” and unlike the history report that only shows what they completed it shows all the adventures.

The history report shows all the adventures once they are earned.

I can see what you mean about the clean look. Unfortunately, the other ranks don’t have the same clean look, and one doesn’t even exist for Lion.

Within Scoutbook, we have a strong preference toward flexible, customizable reports over single-purpose, rigid reports. The developers do not have the bandwidth to update dozens of reports every time the program changes requirements.


The Individual Advancement Record is not supported for Cub Scouts because the BSA never created an updated report after changes to the Cub Scout program. It is not supposed to be displayed on the report lists for Cub Scouts.

We have added removing the IAR from the report lists for Cub Scouts and packs to the backlog.

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I get that, not pushing for a change and now that I know it’s not being updated I won’t use it. I do think that the report builder has potential.

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