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Individual Record

I have downloaded the extension. I am trying to run individual records and the only type i get is Scouts BSA Report when i click it, and hit generate report nothing happens.

Any ideas… I am in as a pack admin, den admin and tiger leader.

As you are a pack leader, you should see a link for Cub Scout History Report. The Scouts BSA History report is for Scouts that have been in a troop.

Yea and i dont. No options i am using Chrome

@DavidLafko - could you go to one of the dens then click on den reports and see if the cub history report is listed. I know the history report is available at the dashboard level but it asks for the bsa id for the report.

The Individual Record / Individual Advancement Record report is only available for older Scouts in troops.

You should be able to access the Cub Scout History Report by going to an individual Cub Scout’s page (Reports should be listed the bottom) or by going to a den page (Den Reports).

Depending on what you are looking for, you might want to check out Report Builder.

Ok Thank you Jennifer and Stephen that does work and i have used it before. Was just building a training and i could not get the individual report to work Now i know why.

Thanks… I will be posting another post about reminder events.

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