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Cub Scout Rank 2015 vice 2019-2020

We had a number of Wolf Scouts complete the requirements using the 2019-2020 requirements, but they were entered as 2015 requirements. Basically, they earned Protect Yourself, and used another elective to fill the elective requirement. In retrospect, these should have been entered as 2019-2020 requirements and used the Protect Yourself in place of the Cyber Chip Award. Once the rank has been records as completed, approved, and awarded, is there anyway to go back and correct this? Also, in reality, does it even matter?

If this should be, and can be fixed, I’d like to do it. If it doesn’t matter, or just can’t be fixed, I’ll leave them. Looking for feedback.

I personally wouldn’t bother with re-entering the completed ranks as V2019 vs v2015. That said, if there are individual scouts who are partway through according to v2015, but would be complete according to v2019, I might make the change.

The only way I know of to “fix” that type of entry issue is to remove and re-enter the info. That seems like more work than it’s worth, to me.

I agree with @CharleyHamilton. It shouldn’t matter once the rank is already marked complete. It’s primarily helpful for those who still have a little ways to go so parents and leaders can see how much they actually have left to complete.

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