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February 6, 2020 Scoutbook Updates

Bug Fixes

  • Cub Scout Cyber Chip
    • Cub Scout Cyber Chip has been unlinked from the rank requirements for the 2019 Cub Scout ranks. This was necessary to properly implement the option of using the Protect Yourself Rules adventure in place of Cyber Chip and to not give a Cub Scout credit for an expired Cyber Chip.
  • Cub Scout Ranks
    • Cub Scout Ranks have been updated with requirements released in 2019. The option to use the Protect Yourself Rules or Cyber Chip has been added. If both Protect Yourself Rules adventure and Cyber Chip are completed, Cyber Chip will be used for the rank requirement and Protect Yourself Rules adventure as an elective adventure. In order to use the updated rank requirements, you must toggle the rank to 2019 at the top of the rank advancement page for each scout.
  • Merit Badge Counselor Connections
    • An issue that caused the connection type to change to Full Control when a 2nd Merit Badge was added has to the connection between the Scout and Merit Badge Counselor been corrected. The connection type will remain unchanged when additional Merit Badges are added to the connection.
  • Percent Complete for Ranks
    • The way Percent Complete is calculated for Ranks was changed to fix an issue that caused incorrect percentages to be displayed.
  • Print Blue Cards
    • An issue that caused the wrong unit to be printed on Blue Cards when a Scout is registered in more than one has been corrected. The unit printed on the Blue Cards will be the unit from which Print Blue Card was selected.
  • Youth Leadership
    • An issue that allowed non-leaders to approve youth leadership positions has been corrected. Only those that can approve advancement will be able to approve youth leadership positions.

New Features

  • Print Blue Cards
    • A link to select all Scouts and their Merit Badges from a patrol has been added to the search results. on the Print Blue Cards screen.