Cub scout records are completely gone

My two sons cub scout records are completely gone? Can someone fix this?


I will look into this for you

@STEPHENNDURA One is in a Troop, the other is not in a Den - So Advancements are hidden - you can go to their profile page > click Reports > and get Cub Scout History Report

Tried that… get an oops message

Then you can get their history reports by going to My Dashboard ->Reports Menu → Cub Scout History Report. You will need his BSA Member ID (available in his profile) and last name to generate the report.

We have reported the oops message to the developers.

I think there is a bug on that reported last week let me see

Hi there,

Having the same issue with my Scout. He wrapped up Arrow of Light and we’re in the process of getting him signed up with the Troop. Today, I viewed his Scoutbook and all the records are gone. Oops message on the Cub Scout History Report. I think the Cubmaster ended his association with the Pack, but I’m hoping the records aren’t obliterated.

They are still there. You just can’t see them at the moment.

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