New Scout BSA not showing Cub Scout Progress Report

My son has crossed over to a Troop but when I went to click on his Cub Scout Progress report, I received an error that said:

Oops, we’re missing something. Please report this to the forums (48)

He’s also not assigned to his new troop but I figured I should still at least be able to see his old stuff


Since you son is not in a pack in Scoutbook, did you use the report where you entered his BSA Member ID and last name or from his reports page? This will help us narrow down the problem.

And I assume you mean the Cub Scout History Report. There is no report named Cub Scout Progress Report in Scoutbook.

Sorry, yes, History Report.

I went to Dashboard > Clicked on his name > Clicked Reports > Chose Cub Scout History Report from the pop-up

Thank you. We will investigate.

As a workaround, you can try going to My Dashboard → Reports → Cub Scout History Report then entering his BSA Member ID and last name. You can get his BSA Member ID from his Edit Profile page.

Great, thank you!

(I did try that to make sure and that work-around does work)

That workaround does not work for me. I get the same error Oops, we’re missing something. Please report this to the forums (48)

It won’t. We are working with the developers to get the originally reported issue corrected.

Good to know. Any idea when we’ll be able to see records again?

I do not know @ChrisPierce1

Thanks. FYI - I did just manually add him to his troop of choice. They have the paperwork filed at the Council, but it’s not all updated yet. Anyway, the result is that the error is gone and I was able to print his Cub Scout History Report. So the flaw seems related to not being in an assigned troop or pack when trying to access the report.

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