My sons Cub Scout records

I am trying to find my sons belt loop achievements as I am trying to create a keepsake thing for him that is like his dads but I can see his profile but when I click to get a Cub Scout report it states not available. Is there anyone that can help me.

@HeatherNelson1 so you are clicking on Scout in Scoutbook > then clicking Reports > then clicking Cub Scout History Report?

It tells me there is an error and can’t pull report

What does the error say? Can you provide a screenshot of the page before the error?

The information is unavailable. Try again or report this to the forums (91.5).

ref: PD-20240429124621-705514-163254

I don’t know if this is because my son did all his cub scouts through the LDS church or not. But I have reached out to them and they said they can’t see anything because they aren’t doing the BSA anymore.

It shouldn’t be related. All of the units should have been logging their advancement data with the national system, irrespective of their chartering organization. That said, the only things that might be logged could be the rank advancements themselves.


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