Cyber Chip Award (Grades 9-12) Not Showing

For some reason on our Scouts who recently earned the Cyber Chip Award (Grades 9-12) the award image is not showing up on the Scouts profile in the Awards section. For all of these scouts they have previously earned the Cyber Chip Award (Grades 6-8) and the award image is showing up for that.

So when doing BOR it looks like they have not earned the latest Cyber Chip unless we go into the Awards. How can we get the award image to show up?

The Cyber Chip is designed to show up only one time.

You could use the Scouts BSA History Report if you want to see all of the various levels at which it has been earned.

Thank you. So even though they are 2 different awards only the 6-8 grade one will show up in the award images?

They aren’t actually different awards. It’s the same award with different requirements based on the Scout’s current grade.

Also, Scouts have the option of using the new Personal Safety Awareness videos in place of the Cyber Chip requirement for the Scout and Star ranks.

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