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Cyberchip for 4th/5th grade (minor)

Very minor, but thought I would note it.

Following the change on November 14th that added the 4th/5th grade cyberchip requirements for Troops, we had the cyberchip show up on our Needs Purchasing report for five scouts who earned it back in 2017 while AOLs but never had it marked as awarded. I’ve dealt with it at our end, but wanted to mention it in case others see this.


Unfortunately, this is a function of how the Needs Purchasing report works. Since Cyberchip 4-5 is not restricted to Cub Scouts, any awards that were not on a previous purchase order or marked awarded will appear on the Troop’s Needs Purchasing and Needs Awarding reports. I suggest just marking these awarded as you have already done.

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