Needs purchasing report is missing award

All of my scouts have completed their cyber chip award, and I have entered them all into scoutbook, and have approved them, but for some reason it doesn’t show up for one of my scouts in the needs purchasing report, anyone have any advice or know what might be wrong? Thank you!!

Did it get marked Awarded accidentally? That’s the most common reason something “disappears” from my Needs Purchasing report. I’d check in that individual scout’s awards list to make sure that it’s showing up as Approved but not as Awarded.

If it’s not marked that way, can you post the BSA ID for that scout (no names) and someone from SUAC may be able to look into it.


Has the scout earned it before?


The most common reasons:

  1. Award is marked as Completed, but not Approved in Scoutbook.
  2. Award is marked as Awarded in Scoutbook (awards that have already been awarded / presented to the Scout do not need to be purchased).
  3. Award is on a closed Purchase Order.

On a separate issue: Looking at your pack roster in Scoutbook, it looks like some of your Cub Scouts need to be moved into their dens. The easiest and quickest way to move them to their dens is to go to the den page and use the “Reassign Scout(s)” button.

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So I just went back and looked. It is the cyber chip, so technically he did do it and got awarded for it last year, but he did the “recharge” and I didn’t see anywhere to specify that’s what it was. Thanks for your help!!

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Thank you! It is marked as awarded because he did it last year(it’s the cyber chip), but we just did the recharge, and I don’t see anywhere to specify recharge so I just selected the cyber chip award. Is there a way to do it so his recharge pin shows as “needs ordering?”

On the separate issue you mentioned, I haven’t moved those scouts into dens because they quit almost as soon as we got them registered. I am new to the committee chair position, but my understanding is that I can fix all that when I do recharter?

When you complete recharter and drop them, it will sync to scoutbook and drop them upon the recharter being finalized being submitted by your council.

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